UK Steel Decking provides a professional safe, high quality, efficient service for installation of all profiles of steel floor decking and roof decking throughout the UK.

Once design and drawings have been agreed and reach construction stage, materials are delivered to site ready for our installation teams who are extensively trained and highly mobile to ensure a rapid and efficient response to our customers’ needs.

The 3 main types of deck design used in the UK market that we install nationwide are:

  1. Trapezoidal deck

  2. Re-entrant deck

  3. Slim deck

Our installation teams are experienced, trained and hold multiple safety certifications. Read more in our Health & Safety information.


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Contact UKSD for a quality metal decking service by our fully qualified team.

Metal Decking has been used in UK construction market for over 30 years in composite construction steel frame buildings. The advantages of using composite design for projects include:

  1. Savings of up to 50% in steel weight against non-composite design 

  2. Increased stiffness of composite beams allows them to be shallower than non-composite but giving the same span, thus resulting in lower floor heights 

  3. Composite steel deck coupled with the use of reinforcement mesh and bars, reduces the amount of concrete used in achieving the required tensile strength of the floor without the weight

  4. Fast track method of building helping to achieve construction programmes, cutting down on site craneage requirements and furthermore, reducing overall construction costs

Structural roof decking provides the platform and strength for many roof structures today. The physical performance of structural roof decking provides an ideal base for metal standing seams, bitumen, single ply membrane and green roofs.


Fully trained operatives holding all the appropriate Health & Safety qualifications