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UK Steel Decking offer thru deck stud welding services where the project requires. We supply shear studs manufactured to BS EN ISO 13918:2008. Shear studs are installed using specialist stud welding plant by our multi-skilled site teams in accordance with BS EN ISO 14555:2017. 


Our teams are highly trained in the installation of shear studs and have many years of experience delivering a quality end product. UKSD have invested in top quality, state of the art stud welding equipment to help the installation process run smoothly and efficiently.

Shear studs are commonly used in the construction of composite floor slabs and are generally installed soon after the metal decking has been fixed and after the safety netting has been stripped. For thru deck stud welding to be successfully achieved, the beam top flange should be free of paint and relatively clean. A complete welding circuit needs to be created so it is important that all beams to be welded are interconnected and correctly bolted up.

Certain conditions or environments mean stud welding may not be possible due to the nature of the hot works restrictions or fumes caused by the welding process. Examples could be in live shops, public interface, poorly ventilated buildings and works above live rail lines and stations or galvanised beam construction. In these instances, UK Steel Decking can offer to supply and install an alternative ‘shot fired’ mechanical shear connection. These shear connectors or ‘cleats’ are nailed to the beams using a heavy duty, powder actuated fixing. This type of shear connection is ideal for situations where stud welding is not possible.


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Contact UKSD for a quality metal decking service by our fully qualified team.

UKSD will programme to commence stud welding as soon as possible after the decking has been laid, helping to prevent dirt, moisture and other contaminants building up between the decking and the top flange thus ensuring good weld quality.


Fully trained operatives holding all the appropriate Health & Safety qualifications

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